Impact in Burkburnett

The meals on wheels program serves hot lunch meals to approximately 100 seniors and disabled individuals 5 days each week. The majority of these live alone at or below poverty level with limited access to transportation. 5% report a moderate income level.

The congregate program (meals served on site) serves about 28 individuals on average 5 days each week. The majority of these seniors enjoy health and financial factors that do not prohibit their mobility. Sadly, however, 40% have lost a spouse. 


Our History

The Senior Citizen's Center has provided Meals on Wheels since 1979. The city of Burkburnett, with the foresight of the city manager, donated the building housing organization. 



The board of directors is comprised of 6 men and 5 women. Seven are business men and women. Two are school district retirees. One is a Midwestern State University professor. One is the Midwestern State University Budget and Management Director.